#tbt to one of the best experiences of my life :’) #disneywonder #2011

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I waited til I had some time to say this to you. You are one of the only best friends I have despite thd 11 year difference. You’re always there for me, you let me sleep in your bed and you lend me your underwear when I need it XD I know I can trust you when I tell you things and know that I’m telling someone who wont judge or talk shit about me. Those late nights, drunk nights, and sober nights when we could’ve been mistaken for drunk. Every picture in this collage basically describes our relationship and I love it!! We don’t talk much since you’re always out partying, but I know you’d still have my back if I need it. Just one more year and we’ll be tearin shit up together! Happy birthday YA biiiiiiiig FOIG! Uni T! Uni G! Uni SQUUAAAAD!

    So if anyone in San Diego wants to learn how to surf, you should contact this guy! His name is Mr. Sweet and is lifegaurd certified! $25 per hour for a one on one lesson! Thats pretty cheap yo! If you have any questions shoot him an email at, find his add on craigslist (beach bum surf school) or give him a call at 619 428 6760 NO TEXTS!! #surf #surfing #lessons #sandiego #beachbum

    Let’s Get This Straight: CSF

    CSF is not a big deal, and honestly doesn’t mean anything important. All it means is that you were able to to achieve really easy requirements. Yipee you get to graduate in white. Want a cookie?

    Those who treat CSF as a Holy Grail should really rethink their values and opinions of others.

    "It’s a day I can be recognized for my hard work."
    Well my friend, I really feel bad for you, because you must be dealing with some crazy stuff at home if you need to be recognized for hard work…in high school. It is NOT that hard to get into CSF, surreusly. So I’m not really sure how hard you’re working at this point. Lastly, are you implying that those who aren’t in CSF aren’t working hard?

    "It shows that some people took the extra step and actually WANTED to try and WANTED to do better."
    …What’s the statistics behind that? What’s your proof? Who is your source? The requirements for CSF are a joke, and aren’t that hard to achieve. I mean, unless you went from an F to a B or an A then props to you, I’ll give you the cookie, otherwise I don’t see the excitement. Also, being in CSF doesn’t mean you wanted to try and wanted to better, and doesn’t mean those who aren’t in CSF, didn’t. People who aren’t in CSF may have tried as hard as you did, maybe even harder, but are just not as mentally capable as you are. So essentially, you are insulting the handicap.

    CSF, as great a program it is, is a joke. The requirements are way too easy and elementary, and shouldn’t be taken as seriously as it is. I mean, there are AP students and basic students. The diversity doesn’t really give much credibility to the system. And I’m not saying that people should disregard CSF, and stuff it under the bed of high school institutions, but those ignorant children who believe they deserve the recognition, because they’ve obviously worked so much harder than others, should really reconsider their perspective. Your ignorance is offending me.

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    Beach+Panera+Yogurt Escape date :3 #beach #coronado

    #tbt to last Saturday. I love this picture. #lacrosse #lax #laxdawgs

    Dude…@janellaslaps #magictricks #cards #splitsontrees

    Laxdawgs summer 2013 :’) @kasidikaay @misakayie @brookiee012 @hannahriedy @t_t_t_tiaaaa @ericaaneff @reagandor @mady_shay @nitzana_ @kolbiebillings #lacrosse #laxdawgs

    Perf. Stole it from @mady_shay

    Last laxdawgs practice and Cassidi and I shared the lemon and I took it home :3 SEE YOU GUYS ONE LAST TIME ON SATURDAY!!!! #laxdawgs #lacrosse

    Went with my mom to her appointment

    Because when tmobile is selling you a $200 phone for $50 you buy it. I’m still dark/orange


    ADVENTURE TIME WITH MOMMY AND ATE!! Happy birthday mommy!!

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